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A Haskell wrapper for CBLAS and LAPACK funcionality, aiming to provide high level functions for tasks such as solving linear systems, computing SVD and the like. This started as a “learning project” and will grow whenever I need more functionality. Find it at github or on on hackage.

Documentation does not build on hackage since it lacks LAPACKE, therefore for now I have put it here.


This is a C++ library that I have been working on for years, starting when I was a student. The documentation can currently be found here. The source code is available under GPL at sourceforge: here.


This is a small library to simplify using webcams from Haskell with v4l2 under Linux. It uses the v4l2 package and repa for fast arrays and multicore utilisation. It can be found here: or on hackage. The documentation is here until it can be built on hackage.


A very small server for a subset of HTTP 1.0, written entirely in C, running on (probably several) Unix type platforms. See here at Savannah.


A game in x86 assembly language, from my highschool days. Until it's moved here, it can be found here.

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